Who owns ICATS?
ICATS is owned by the Institute of Corrosion and is operated through Correx Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Institute, and forms part of the Institute’s training and certification portfolio.
Why was ICATS developed?
ICATS was produced in response to demands from specifying/procurement organisations for evidence of practical training and competency in industrial surface preparation and protective coating application to complement other industrial skills sector schemes. Additionally, ICATS enables contractors to provide a ‘best value’ service that maximises coating performance over the life of the structure, which minimises whole life costs.
How do I apply for ICATS training?
This is a two stage process:

1. Companies must complete and submit the Company Registration form (ICATS-AF1) to Correx. After acceptance registered companies should advise Correx of their intent to nominate experienced employees for the ICATS Company trainer course. Subsequently, the nominees then apply to join an ICATS Company Trainer course by completing the ICATS Applicator Trainer form (ICATS-AF2) and returning this to Correx. Suitable candidates will be offered a place on the first available ICATS Company Trainer course.

2. Companies must then register their operatives with Correx to undergo ICATS training by their qualified and certificated trainers.

Certification of operatives by Correx occurs after satisfactory completion of all training units, including the training assessments.

Trainer and operative achievements are recorded on their respective wallet cards, issued by Correx, and are registered on the ICATS database.

How is ICATS managed and controlled?

The scheme is operated by Correx in accordance with the Institute of Corrosion document Requirements for the Certification of Personnel Engaged in Industrial Coatings.

Application ICorr REQ DOC (ICATS)

What are the benefits of ICATS?
Registered companies will benefit as they will have proven documentation of a competent work force. Many major clients make ICATS a mandatory requirement for companies submitting tenders for contracts. ICATS certification thus gives companies a technical edge when applying for registration on approved contractors lists and quoting for contracts. Clients will benefit as the scheme facilitates compilation of tender lists of competent contractors and the comprehensive training should minimise technical, safety and quality control difficulties/issues on site.
How does ICATS relate to other skills and competency schemes?
ICATS delivers practical training for industrial surface preparation and coating operatives. It incorporates up to date practices and use of current coating materials. The scheme is recognised by the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) and any operative passing the ICATS Basic Module will receive a card with the CSCS logo recognising the that ICATS is a CSCS Partner scheme.
What are the minimum entry requirements for ICATS?

Candidates for the ICATS Trainer qualification shall have at least five years experience related to the competencies set out in Section 3.2 of the ICorr REQ DOC (ICATS) which shall include at least 1 year’s experience at supervisory and/or management level. Candidates are required to hold the basic Industrial Coating Applicator qualification prior to commencing a specialist module course.

Who supports ICATS?
The scheme is mandated by the Highways Agency and Network Rail whilst MOD and many of the other majors require ICATS as a minimum requirement for any operative to carry out industrial coating application at any of their sites.
How long do the courses last?

The ICATS company trainer course for the Industrial Coating Applicator unit is 2 consecutive days.

Training of industrial surface preparation and coating operatives for qualification of ‘Industrial Coatings Applicator’ should take approximately 40 hours but this is not required to be continuous and can be completed in a module format either at the registered company’s premises or on site. Training must be completed within 1 year of commencement.

Training for the specialist modules should take either 2 or 3 days per module.

What will it cost?
Companies registering into the scheme will be subject to an annual registration fee based on turnover of the protective treatments/painting divisions within the company.

Companies may reclaim part or all of these training costs via organisations such as CITB provided they are in-scope.

Whilst the scheme is responsible for training it cannot be held liable for faults or shortcomings in the performance of the operative at the workplace.