Benefits to Industrial Coating Applicators

Improving standards of safety and workmanship should be the objective of all companies and the Industrial Coating Applicator Training Scheme (ICATS) truly delivers this in the workplace.

The risk of using unskilled, unqualified operatives can be extremely costly for a coating applicator having to rework and repair applications that do not conform to the specification. One of the major coating applicators in the UK adopted the ICATS training programme 10 years ago and have reduced their “returns to site” by over 75%. They have calculated the net saving to their organisation is around £500,000 per year. This is achieved through better morale as applicators feel they have a worth and through improved competency in the workplace.

Today ICATS is delivering to industry the skills required through 4 specific modules; Industrial Coating Applicator Module, Specialist Abrasive Blasting Module, Specialist Paint Sprayer Module and the Supervisor Module. The scheme is mandated by the Highways Agency, Network Rail, MOD and many of the oil companies and is the minimum requirement for any operative to carry out industrial coating application at any of their sites.