Company Trainer Courses

ICATS member companies can nominate trainers from within their own workforce to deliver the training internally. The nominated trainer must have a minimum of 5 years experience in the industrial or marine coating industry and have supervisory experience. Full details of the course are as follows:

The course is 2 days in our Northampton training facility to prepare trainers to deliver ICATS training courses in their member companies.

The course covers:

  1. An introduction to the scheme and its objectives
  2. Responsibilities of a trainer
  3. Documentation
  4. How to use the ICATS software
  5. How to set up a training session
  6. International standards
  7. A presentation by each trainer to the group

During the training various group activities and assessments take place to ensure that each trainer is comfortable that he or she is ready to conduct internal training.

Upon successful completion of the course each trainer receives a handbook and access to all of the ICATS training material they are qualified to deliver.

How to apply?

Simply complete the application form which you can download below and return it to us with the appropriate documents and fee. When your application has been processed you will receive your membership certificate and you will be able to nominate one or more of your staff to attend the ICATS Company Trainer course.

What does it cost?



Fee + VAT

ICATS Company Trainer Course


Supervisor Course


Applicator Registration – ICA Basic Module


ICA Certification


Specialist Trainer Registration


Paint Sprayer Specialisits Module Registraton


Abrasive Blast Cleaner Specialist Module Registration


Training by approved ICATS Training Provider

ICATS offer a number of approved training providers who offer courses in all modules and are strategically located throughout the UK. The approved training providers will deal with all registration and certification of applicators. Use our trainer locator to find a provider.

Latest Training Dates

8th and 9th September – CANCELLED

Technical Manager Course (TMC)

This course is designed for managers, engineers, specifiers, any persons requiring further industrial painting knowledge

This is a One-day-course and includes:

    • Introductions
    • ICATS (what it is and how it has affected our industry)
    • What is steel and how is it used
    • Corrosion
    • Health and safety in industrial painting (RAMS, lead, contaminants, injuries, tools and equipment)
    • PPE practical discussion
    • Preparation Standards and how to achieve them
    • Blasting and Abrasives
    • Manual and mechanical preparation
    • Feathering edges
    • Other methods of surface preparation
    • The painting specification (standards in operation, ISO 12944, client requirements and specifications)
    • Toolbox talks
    • Paint technology (including paint types, what’s in paint, how it behaves, introduction to cathodic protection,
    • Coating types
    • Scale of nobility
    • Convertible and non-convertible coatings
    • Over-painting existing paint systems
    • Paint manufacturers
    • Making repairs to a paint system
    • Some rules of corrosion and electrolytes with photo examples
    • Common paint faults
    • QC and QA