What is ICATS and how does the scheme operate?

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the UK's Industrial Coating Applicator Training Scheme

What is ICATS

ICATS is a comprehensive structured training scheme for the registration, training and certification of industrial surface preparation and coating operatives. The scheme has a mandatory Basic Unit ‘Industrial Coating Applicator’ that comprises 6 modules – Health & Safety, Site Access, Plant & Equipment, Surface Preparation, Paint Types & Application and Quality Control. There are also 3 specialist modules; Abrasive Blast Cleaning Operator, Paint Sprayer and Supervisor. Other modules are being developed.

Certification is awarded to candidates when they have successfully completed each individual course. Companies wishing to have a workforce certificated under ICATS must first register with Correx. Upon acceptance, registered companies are expected to initiate training of their workforce within 12 months.

Workplace training is carried out by ICATS certificated trainers who are qualified to train and assess operatives. Training is carried out inhouse and may be undertaken by a certificated trainer employed by an ICATS registered training organisation. However it is more usual for registered companies to nominate experienced employees to ICATS for prior approval as company trainers. Subject to meeting the acceptance criteria, nominees attend a 2 day ICATS Company Trainer course held at various locations in the UK.

Successful completion of the ICATS course by operatives leads to certification by Correx. Trainers and operatives will require re-certification after 3 years and renewal after 9 years.