What Is ICATS - Contractor Benefits

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the UK's Industrial Coating Applicator Training Scheme

Industrial Painting Contractor benefits

Improving standards of safety and workmanship should be the objective of all companies and the Industrial Coating Applicator Training Scheme (ICATS) truly delivers this in the workplace.

Over the past 20 years advances in industrial paints and the associated preparation standards make the application of systems today a skilled operation. Using unskilled, unqualified operatives drastically increases the risk of a costly coating failure. Industry has never had a structured training scheme for industrial coating operatives to eliminate this risk. Having identified this skills shortage the Institute of Corrosion under its commercial arm Correx Ltd in conjunction with major structure owners and industry experts set up a task group to solve the problem. The key focus of the scheme is on safe working practices, surface preparation and application techniques working to recognised industry standards.

Today ICATS is delivering to industry the skills required through the ICATS Basic Module and its member companies. The scheme is mandated by the Highways Agency, Network Rail, MOD and many of the oil companies and is the minimum requirement for any operative to carry out industrial coating application at any of their sites.

The scheme is recognised by the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) and any operative passing the ICATS Basic Module can apply for the Construction Related Occupation (CRO) card.

ICATS is designed as an in house, on the job, training course for both experienced operatives and newer recruits. Much of the course is practical as well as theoretical and will not require personnel in training to be away from the workface for any extended periods of time. Ongoing assessment allows the training to fit around the daily tasks of the operative.

Having a trained and qualified workforce will allow you to demonstrate to your current and potential customers your capability to tackle most industrial painting projects in an efficient and professional way. Hence giving them confidence that they have selected the right company for the job.